Ive always been an avid student of the human psyche. So in 7th grade, when a kid with Down Syndrome had joined our church group, I naturally had to conduct some studies.

One of the first things I noticed was that "Corky" was quite jovial and would often eagerly laugh along in our conversations- even if it was an inside joke.

Hmm, I wondered.

So one day when we were all with Corky, I whispered to my buddies and told them to laugh at whatever I would say next. With that, I busted out laughing "The tree is green. It's green. The tree is green!" On cue, everyone played along and laughed and pointed at the trees around us.

Soon poor ol Corky was feeling left out and so he started to laugh and shout "Oooh. The tree is green. Haha. The tree is green! Hahaha."

Now of course at that point we were cracking up even more.. which only encouraged Corky to continue with the green punchline.

Oh man... Those were good times.

I wonder tho if Corky just laughed to fit in, knowing well that a tree being green just aint that funny. Or maybe perhaps he's still somewhere, laughing every spring when the trees bloom into that funny shade of green that he fondly remembers.

Oh Corky. Im so sorry. It was a joke.

It was just a joke.