I wrote this two years ago...
I think this Valentines I might singing a different tune...

Valentines Day

Tis the season to be lonely
To remember when
To wonder if
To hope for
To love
In the least, it starkly outlines our individuality
And implies our absolute need for companionship

But could the truth be hiding within the cliche
Crafted in so many words
Sung in so many ways
That we must learn to love oneself
Before loving someone else

Do you really believe that?
Do people actually live by that?

Cause Im gonna need someone other than me
To whisper it once again.
And then maybe it wont sound so whimsical
Maybe this time it will be enough
Cause I do sooo want it to be enough

That between God and myself
My foundation is strong
Worthy on its own
And without need

But for me...
At least for today
It's 'tis the season to be lonely'
fa la la la la
la la... la.... la