29... 29...
Im fuckin 29 years old.
This is my last year to be in my twenties.
To be in that envied range known as "twenty-somethings"
9 years in my twenties - gone
And ever
I can no longer
Relive those years.
Holy Shit
Ive almost lived 30 years in this life
Which means I am 1/3 thru it.
Holy shit.
Then 30? 31? Thirty fuckin Three?
I dont think I can deal.
I want to be forever in my twenties.
I was 20 when I first got drunk
I was 21 when I got my Masters Degree
I was 22 when I was a school teacher in a shirt and tie
I was 23 when I started visiting m4m chatrooms on AOL
I was 24 when I moved to NYC and came out at the Roxy
I was 25 when I fell madly in love for the first time
I was 26 when my heart was utterly broken
I was 27 when I moved to LA with my computer and guitar
I was 28 just last week.
Im fuckin 29 years old now.
29... 29...
Actually 29 and 5 days