It's quiet tonight
6 gel pens out of ink in the trash
Chinese food microwaved at 2 am
Itunes set to sleepy
A 60 watt bulb unabashedly lights
The once minor imperfections on the wall
My calendar stalled at March
My guitar out of tune
And my cell phone -
Still hurting from its last conversation

Its too quiet tonight
And I can't hear anything but the music
Nothing competes for my attention
Except the sublime beats that cry
"It can't come quickly enough"
It hasn't been this quiet since-
Well, since then

I can't stand the quiet
It always seems

If I close my eyes
I know tomorrow will come
But something tells me if hold out
If I'm patient and wise
If I listen to the lonely peace
I'll learn the lesson I was supposed to learn then


Nothing but the maddening quiet

I think I'll go to sleep now

After all
Isn't that what we are left to do
When its too quiet