I love lists
I love making lists
I love playing games involving lists
I love beating people in games that involve lists
Bruce Willis movies
Top 10 things bought at Staples
Academy-award winning actresses
Favorite songs of 06
Errands I need to do before Tuesday
I'm really good at crossing things off a list
I love listings
I love bullet points
* I love small damp dots
- I love a good passive agressive dash
~ I love this too
I forget what that's called
I like the writing part of making lists
I love using felt-tip pens
I love sharpies more
They smell good
I love numbers
1. when they work out
2. when they reconcile
3. when they bring order to a list
I count things
Sometimes patterns emerge
I love that
I also love notepads
I love buckslips
I love graph paper
All good for making lists
You know what scotch tape is good for?
Taping your lists up on the wall
It's really good for that
Sometimes it can be a horrific mess out there
Profoundly horrific