So I've been working hard on 2 exciting projects this week (I'll fill you in soon). So yesterday, I left work early to get some well needed rest.

So its 4pm: I make it home, take a quick shower, and collapse into my bed. Several dreams later and the next thing you know, I wake up to an eerie silence. It's dark and the room is dimly lit with the early morning shades of blue. I check the time and its fucking 8:30 am! Whoa -talk about being tired! So I get up to get ready for another day of hard work and after 10 mins of piddlin around, I realize that its actually 8:30 PM! I've only been asleep for 4 hrs and not 16 hrs.

In that moment of clarity, I bursted out laughing! and dancing! because of all a sudden I was transported back to my college days when this complete ignorance of time would happen regularly. You know - that strange sense of freedom to have a total lack of regard for something that typically runs our lives. I felt so young, so alive, and so independent of the world and its burdens. My first impulse was to call my old college roommate who would totally "get" this giddy moment!

But instead I jumped right back into bed to sleep some more. Several dreams later and the next thing you know it REALLY WAS 8:30am. Damn, life can be so harsh.



So while waiting for my buddies, Sam and Scott, for brunch at EAT WELL yesterday, I run into Gina Gershon and strike up a conversation with her regarding her latest project with our network. Just then Sam comes up and without a hello, starts grabbing my biceps, saying "Have you been working out?" ... And Im thinking either he is totally playing it cool or he is utterly unaware of who I am standing there with. So I try my best to continue my conversation as Sam's hands are inappropriately now on my chest. Finally, bored of us, Sam and Scott leave to wait for me inside.

"Sam, you know who I was talking to right?"
"No, who?"
"Gina Gershon"
"Gina Gershon?"
"Yeah, that was Gina Gershon"
"The girl I was JUST talkin to"
"That was Gina Gershon!"
"That was Gina Gerson?"
"Oh my God, WHY didn't you tell me!"
"Well I just couldn't find the appropriate moment with you suckin on my nips!"
"Shit, where is she? I need her for the pride rally that I'm organzing"
"I'm sure she is still out there."

With that Sam goes chasing after her down the street, checking store to store... to store.



1. Who is the last person you've handwritten a letter to?
My mom

2. What's in your work area that most people might not have?
A laminator and a Six Feet Under poster. Oh and a TV and VCR.

3. The last time you've teared...
Hmm.. its been a while. February last year. I was frustrated about life.

4. Who do you fear the most?
I dont really fear people.. just awkward situations with people. (esp at work) I guess in a way I fear beautiful and powerful people.

5. What was your first paying job and how old were you?
I tutored when I was in 6th grade but officially I worked in telemarketing - selling newspaper subscriptions. It was incredibly tedious but at 16, it was kinda cool to be working.




Why do vegetarian friends always get so offended when you forget that they are vegetarian. I mean its not our damn jobs to remember that they can't eat a McDonalds Chicken McNugget !

Oh.. also why does a dream about your ex have to mean something? I mean sometimes we dream about Super Mario Bros characters or Joe from the Facts of Life but it doesnt mean anything... does it?