1. How sad would it be if I dished out $100 to see Bette Midler at the MGM in Las Vegas by myself on Thanksgiving day?
2. How wrong (or childish) is it to give your unappreciative boss the silent treatment?
3. Are you really "over it" if you are using the term "over it" to describe your frustrations over it?
4. Is it just me or are those Proposition 68 commericals here in California just extremely racist?
5. If one is moved to tears less and less with age, does that signify strength or bittnerness?
6. Will I ever be in love again or is that notion as much of a cliche as it sounds?
7. Must I always make lists to create an illusion of control for myself whenever life seems to get a bit out of hand?
8. Why is it that heterosexuals find people who've been married in the past - a turn off, while homosexuals find people who've not been in a past significant relationship - a warning sign?
9. What if I don't know how to be more than who I am right now?



Another celebrity comes out of the closet tomorrow!

Update - Yes, it was Cynthia Nixon from Sex and the City.


Someone needs to buy Bush a copy of "How-To-Answer-Questions for Dummies"

Q: Mr. President, What did you have for breakfast today?

A: Well, Luckily, I um... You see, we are all lucky to have the privilege to... have a safe and secure home. ah. homeland to have the luxury... You see, 9/11 changed everything. It brought terror into our homes, see. I believe.... um, breakfast is possible because of 9/11 and... yeah, next question.



"I am sooo glad I didn't go up there." - Edie Falco

"I am sooo glad I didn't go up there." - Jennifer Garner

"Why Mommy! Why can't I go up with the two green ladies!" - Amber Tamblyn

"That bitch!" - Mariska Hargitay

"Mariska who?" - Allison Janney

"Ok... now she just looks like a losing imitation on display" - Thatmattdude



My roommate and I had an incredible 4 hour conversation this weekend. We basically came up with a mathematical theorem of life and how people affect and move our history. Surely Rimbaldi would have been proud. (Yes, we've been watching way too much Alias these days)

In any case, it was clearly brilliant and enlightening for both of us. We'd share but then that would send you on a journey that will surely intersect ours in the future and frankly, we just don't need the competition right now since we are relatively new to this method of being.

But I will impart with you, one equation that is a result of this theorem.

If you are chasing a dream, expect people to doubt, to judge, to question, and to snicker. If they don't, you are not chasing hard enough.



This Apprentice guy is hot.

Yes, I'm being boring and shallow today. I'm tired. Tho I did have a good dream last night. Hmm. Maybe that's why I'm tired.



Inspired by Groeg's recent post detailing an excellent recipe for summer therapy, I thought I would share a fun and relaxing alternative for those of us who are a bit more financially challenged. The therapeutic benefits here are reaped from the creative process and not so much the end result. Enjoy!

A small fan with detachable face/guard
Scotch Tape
White Paper
Crayola Markers

1. Take the face/guard off the fan so the blades are exposed.
2. Tape a piece of paper (any size) to the center midpoint of the fan.
3. Turn the fan on and watch the paper whiz around.
Having Fun?
4. Next take a marker and lightly press against the spinning paper.
Watch the colors go!
5. Now, try different colors!
Oooo. Rainbow ! How relaxing!
6. Press harder and watch the paper distort to reveal MORE white space.
Whoa! You can add more colors now.
7. Stop the fan. Try addin pieces of paper of differering shapes n sizes.
8. Repeat from Step 3.

Note: If you are too cheap to buy crayola markers, then I'm sorry, you are too poor to afford therapy.



My foreign soon-to-be-best-friend neighbor at #102 is FRENCH as pointed out to me by my roommate who happens to speak some french and who definitely seems to now have the advantage.


Or as they say in France...




Don't you hate it when you have a crush on your very hot foreign neighbor who winks at you when passing him in the stairways and then one day as you are parking on your street, you look up to see your neighbor on his patio having his picture taken by a photographer who passes the digital camera after each shot so that your neighbor can have final approval on which frames get saved and which ones need to be erased immediately.

There's nothing more disarmingly charming than a guy who doesn't recognize his own good looks. Anyway #102's cuteness factor just dropped a point...

That leaves him with a score of 8.5 at the DAMN HE'S CUTE level.



5 Things That Are Annoying Me Right This Second

1. Boredom.
2. Time, the lack of.
3. People who need to get over themselves, like yesterday.
4. Grammer.
5. I can't think of 5 right now. I am SO FUCKIN BORED.

OK, 5 Happy Thoughts

1. Drinks at Hamburger Marys later today.
2. Ummm.
3. Interior Design

Oh, so the other day at the Abbey, our bi-curious straight friend (who we call Biboy) was telling us gay boys how he doesnt like titty bars cause he gets all uncomfortable whenever he's there. I'm all " what the !!!!"

Yeah, that was fun.
But now I'm bored again.

For Pete's sake, won't someone find a cure for boredom! and who is Pete anyway? and where did that expression orginate? Surely, Pete must have been in some dire need of help for that expression to have carried on all thru these years. It must have been really really bad. Maybe he was bored to death.

Bored, Bored. God, I'm so bored.



You are here
The escalators ahead dominate onward
Under and behind
And again.

A familiar story told a few days later
Mistakes remade
And then rewarded
And again.

Dragging loneliness through different floors
But emptiness tastes the same.

So it seems
That I am riding the crests beyond the valleys
Through the fog illusion of density.

And again
I am next in line
It's me

I wonder
If I'll ever get past this chorus
And welcome a new song
Perhaps I am prone to be lost
I think we all are
And again.

I wrote this poem a few days back. Darren's breakdown today reminded me of it.

I don't know how all the puzzle pieces I have collected over the years will ever fit. I'm scared that the fact of the matter is - they won't. All the meaningful experiences... past, present, and future ...are nothing but rubble.

But Lum points out that it is only in this rich rubble can our lives take root and flourish.

For the sake of all the people that I love dearly - my family, friends and my babbling self - I hope Lum is right. That's my prayer tonight.



Me: Do you think that guy is cute? He's just your type.
Lum: The guy in the black? Yeah, he's kinda cute.
Me: Cool. I know him. Want me to go and introduce you ?
Lum: Really? [shy] No it's ok...
Me: Oh com'n. I totally know him! Let's go and talk to him!
Lum: Wait a minute now. So what's his name?
Me: Oh, I don't know. I don't know him THAT well!

Also, I met fellow bloggers, Troy and Brett, tonight and they were both VERY cool and VERY cute !



I've never vacationed before. Ever. It always felt too indulgent to do so. But I'm thinking now that I'm all grown up, its about time that I planned for one. I'm thinking Hawaii. Anyone want to join?



1. I am getting a sick feeling about the upcoming election. I realize that its not only Bush that we have to contend with... its middle ignunt white america... and gawly, there sure are a lot of them.

2. I actually felt bad for Adria last night and I don't know why but wasn't Drew's "psuedo" break up with Diane just so damn cute!

3. Both my roommate and I (along with scientists somewhere) predict an earthquake this weekend. Maybe I should unpack my martini glasses next week.

4. Anyone want Gmail? I have a few left. Actual friends and/or hot guys to the front of the line please.

5. Ok, so far I've got #315 - hot hot neighbor and #102 - messy neighbor.

According to the meeting agenda for next week, #102 is being summoned by the board re: cleanliness issues with his patio. How embarassing!

I'm so gonna attend the meeting and I'm so gonna use the "Hi, I'm Matt and I'm new here" line and I'm so gonna be on the board someday and so gonna propose a condo fee discount for those on the board. It's all part of my Masterplan, Phase II.



So I'm all moved out
All moved in
The carpet feels clean to lay on
But the condo feels bare and isolated
Despite the empty boxes under the windows
The air conditioner is on full blast
Cause all utilities are paid for
Lum likes to keep the blinds shut
He also likes to cook
I have been off from work since Friday

Labor day so soon
My one neighbor is incredibly cute and foreign

We said Hello twice now
Darren is mad at me
Steve bought me 12 glass cups - 3 different sizes
He is sweet and tanned
Cable guy came by today so I'm connected
West elm for sectionals
Free shipping on ebay

Craig's list
Everytime I look out the window

I feel confused
The world around me has shifted
It's Sept 1st and no earthquake
I guess there's no point in waiting anymore

I should take a walk
Breathe in the new trees
I need to plug in my clock radio for tomorrow
I have no concept of what day or time it is
Except the past is calling again
I hear his Long Islander on my voicemail
Its nice but out with the old

And in with the new
Isn't that the saying these days?

I don't know
Odd, but I've been here before
This place
The new
It always seems like the new
I'm bored